.:Monday, September 27, 2010:.

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.:Saturday, July 17, 2010:.

Hmm today nvr go work cos i have to do project with my IS groupmates. Ended class at 4.30 meeting them at 5 but waited for them for 1 hr >.< 5.30 den they arrive. we took bus to dhoby ghaut and on the bus i found out that actually my groupmates were very humourous people and like us BTJZ, they oso joke ard and play wif each other but i am like new to the group and they already know among themselves le, so i try to join them.

Reach destination le we went on to one of our groupmate, yu qi de work place. we interviewed his manager and took some photos. After that i took 106 back home. slp all the way until i reach after that went to buy dinner home to eat. watched youtube while eating and still watching now << 第6度空間 >> is a show talking abt ghost story.

And now the world cup has ended sadly!! but my guesses are correct =) spain has won the world cup woohoo!! lol everything is back to normal now. no more soccer match to watch at night.Have to do FYP again....

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.:Thursday, July 8, 2010:.
WooHoo Go Go Spain!!

Yo yo i am back xD so long time nvr blog le cos dun have the time to do so. dun worry the blog is not dead just quater-dead onli =x hahas awhile more going to sch le..>.< ytd afternoon got presentation den evening time went over to milton hse play mahjong lol but not so bad nvr lose much xD.

On the way home, i bought chicken fried rice to eat... so full sia my collegue give me extra rice -.- den actually wanted to stay up to watch world cup de but in end fall aslp again zzzz when i woke up is like 6.30 liao sadded...but nvm the team i supported win!!! hahas =D this year's world cup so unpredictedable sia alot of good teams got eliminated early for example france and italy, nvr even got into the second round and especially france nvr even score 1 goal. The team which i support was also eliminated. England, Argentina and Brazil

Left with this 2 teams Spain and Germany. i support both teams but i prefer Spain to win xD and if i guess correctly the winner of this game will be the world cup winner cos netherland doesn't stand a chance of winning =x now Spain has won, i think he will win this world cup. Go Go Spain!! Goal!!! xD


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.:Saturday, May 8, 2010:.





oh baby~




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.:Friday, April 23, 2010:.
Today is fri....a day after thurs.....2 days after wed....3 days after tues which is my birthday xD hahas hmm this year the birthday quite different from past year cos this is the first time nvr celebrate my birthday with milton they all on that day but this is oso the first time i celebrate it wif tian ling, zi chao, lydia and chin chee....

On that day went for my class with a happy mood hahas then found out that actually the modules was quite interesting xD it teach us people management....hmm but of cos i cant wait for the sch to end faster cos i meeting tian ling they all after sch....meet them at bugis den after that we went to vivo....so long time dun have ppl buy birthday cake for me ler....feel so touched....i can feel the tears trying to escape from my eyes but of cos i wont drop tears in front of ppl easily...they bought the candle which when blow le will light up again de -.- den after blowing the candle they smash the cake onto my face zzzz although its dirty but nvm lah we have fun =)

After that we ate long john silver and after eating we jiu go home le....but me zi chao and chin chee went to jurong point to chat.....anyway tian ling i know u will check my blog de thanks alot for the present...really like it alot...hope you will focus on your studies and pass all your exams cos i will oso be concentrating on my studies and work...and oso saving up money to bring you to the place that you wish to go jia yous =)....and oso thanks zi chao and chin chee for the watch...the cost doesnt matter wat matter is the xin yi...thx alot =D ok thats all for the blog...now at my sch library again.....teacher today good mood again 3 hours lesson we attend half an hour jiu release le...hahahas hope everyday can like that ah xD

This sat going out celebrate with milton they all hahas i cant wait forward for it to come xD ok gtg hahas

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.:Saturday, April 10, 2010:.
Ok since i now nth to do and cant slp...here i am to update my blog=) hmmmm very fast sch is going to start le...got mixed feeling...i hope sch can faster start cos i can faster complete my studies and get my diploma but on the other hand hope sch dun so fast start cos sch start le i will have lesser time to pei Tian Ling....HAIS.... now counting down to sch start still got 9 more days.....

This sun pei my father go qing ming aiya this few days cannot slp in the night dunno when sch start how sia mus try to slp early le plus my time table is like almost everyday 8-5 zzzz sian sia...tml sat dunno wat time den i will wake up den will rot at home until work or maybe milton book out le can meet him for lunch...hmmm ok lah oso nth much to write le....next time den continue =)

See Ya ^^
Bye bye=D



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.:Thursday, March 4, 2010:.
WooHoo Holiday begins

Hmm last time post until me pei milton and jun you go tekong...hmm meeting milton at jurong east cos i was late =x and so qiao saw jun you at bt batok mrt station so we go jurong find milton together...den after that we take train all the way to pasir ris zzz...reach there we queue up for the shuttle bus to the ferry terminal....den we board the ferry to pulau tekong!! xD

Reach there milton and jun you were asked to dunno go where den me and both milton and jun you's mum board the bus there to tour the island xD That was my first time to tekong and i find that the welfare was quite good....the training part i jiu dunno lah this one mus wait until they book out den ask them...which is on the 12 march....den after the ceromony which they say the pledge, they come to find us to have lunch together.....the serving was quite big and healthy lol...

Den i find out that the past 3 hours when we were touring the island , they were told to sit down and stand up without making any noise.....after lunch they went to fall in and jiu go off le...i took some pics of them still wif their hair =x den after that we jiu head back to singapore le.....

After coming back to singapore, took train to bugis to meet zi chao and chin chee...and i nearly overslept luckily jun you's mum wake me up.....den meet le we went to watch < DA BING XIAO JIANG > hahas quite funny.....this month watched quite alot of movie but if i were to rank, it will be :

1) < percy jackson and the lightning thief >
4) < ZUO REN >

lol ok finish blogging now my whole body aching >.< espicially my knee cap...cos yesterday went back to my sec sch JVS...den we play bball...so long nvr play liao den chin chee hit my knee cap with his stupid shoe....damn pain sia!!! ok i better go rest first =)

See ya guys ^^
Bye bye!!

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